Creative writing

Sul Sul


“The day had come… I had been warned… I hadn’t listened and now it was happening” I said when I realized where I was. 


A week before all of that happened let me tell you about me. Hi my name is Ashley, Ash in short I am 13 and I live in new york. I have 3 siblings, Robin, Scarlet and Livia.  My favorite food is Chips and Salsa and my favorite thing to do is play The Sims 4. It is the first day of summer break and that means I can play as much as I want.


I woke up at 10am enjoying my break and I hear noises coming from my parent’s room. I go to their room and I see my mom sitting on her bed crying. I sit beside my mom and I ask her what’s up. “Are you ok?” I asked, “ I am not ok, your aunt disappeared,” she said. I decided to go out of the room to give her some space and I went to play sims. 


I played for about 2 hours and I decided to go for a walk. I walk around the neighborhood and I see a man walking toward me, the man said ” If you play too much you will get in the game”. I thought that he just wanted to make me scared so I just walked away. When I got back home, I went to play sims a little more but then I looked out of my window and you can’t believe what I saw….